What is the meaning behind Leonard Cohen’s song Hallelujah?

Cohen’s song tells a story of broken love, true love remembered and mourned, guilt, penance, and of finding peace. The song’s thematic content is oddly fitting for its history. The song’s constant refrain, “hallelujah,” takes the listener through a journey of pain, joy, suffering, and celebration.

What does the minor fall and the major lift meaning?

The ‘fall’ in this phrase is referring to the minor, or ‘fallen’ third of the chord. –’The major lift’: This is a first inversion chord of the fourth, or sub-dominant (IV) of F major. The ‘lift’ refers to the chord changing from a minor to a major chord, and in the process ‘lifting’ the harmony.

Is Hallelujah song religious?

It is a vehicle to showcase a singer’s range. But it is by no means a Christmas song. In fact, it really isn’t a religious song at all. It is a story of a love gone wrong, with some religious imagery splattered in.

What does the word hallelujah really mean?

hallelujah, also spelled alleluia, Hebrew liturgical expression, usually rendered in English as “praise the Lord.” It appears in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) in several psalms, usually at the beginning or end of the psalm or in both places.

Is hallelujah a song for a funeral?

“Hallelujah” – Jeff Buckley

This is a popular choice for funerals. Buckley’s smooth voice, accompanied by beautiful lyrics makes this song a true classic for a funeral service.

What does love is not a victory march meaning?

In the song “Hallelujah,” Leonard Cohen writes, “Love is not a victory march, it’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah.” Love is a powerful form of vulnerability and if you replace the word love with vulnerability in that line, it’s just as true.

Why is hallelujah so powerful?

So what makes the song so powerful – and why has it reached out to so many people? Its chords are simple, mostly coming from the notes of the major scale of the song’s key. Rhythmically it has the type of rolling 12/8 feel you find in much gospel and folk music – again nothing special.

What are the 5 hallelujah in Psalms?

There are four collections of Hallelujah Psalms, the Covenantal Hallel (Psalms 105-106), the Passover Hallel (Psalms 111-118), the Great Hallel (Psalms 135-136), and the Doxological Hallel (Psalms 146-150).

What is the secret chord in Hallelujah?

In the case of “Hallelujah” at least, the chord seems to be C major, which is also the key of the song. The whole reason behind the Devil’s Interval was that it was dissonant, a half-step below the perfect fifth that typically symbolized purity in music.

What does the word lift mean in the Bible?

To make lofty, to raise up. A very common word in English Versions of the Bible representing a great variety of Hebrew and Greek words, although in the Old Testament used chiefly as the translation of nasa’.

What was the meaning of lift?

lift verb (RAISE)

to move something from a lower to a higher position: Could you help me lift this table, please?

What is the difference between Amen and Hallelujah?

lift verb (RAISE)

to move something from a lower to a higher position: Could you help me lift this table, please?

Is Hallelujah appropriate for a wedding?

“Hallelujah” by Pentatonix

Of course, the Leonard Cohen original is a beautiful, emotional song, but we love this a cappella cover by Pentatonix as a bride entrance song. It’s simple, yet powerful—and may cause your guests to shed a few tears.

Is Hallelujah the same in every language?

The Biblical text came to its inspired authors not in a heavenly language, but in the language in use in their day. We are fortunate that Hallelujah was passed down from Hebrew to Greek to English where it still maintains much of its original meaning today.

What language did Jesus speak?

Jesus likely understood Hebrew, though his everyday life would have been conducted in Aramaic. Of the first four books of the New Testament, the Gospels of Matthew and Mark records Jesus using Aramaic terms and phrases, while in Luke 4:16, he was shown reading Hebrew from the Bible at a synagogue.

What does Amen mean in the Bible?

The basic meaning of the Semitic root from which it is derived is “firm,” “fixed,” or “sure,” and the related Hebrew verb also means “to be reliable” and “to be trusted.” The Greek Old Testament usually translates amen as “so be it”; in the English Bible it has frequently been rendered as “verily,” or “truly.”

What does Amen mean in Hebrew?

Amen is derived from the Hebrew āmēn, which means “certainty,” “truth,” and “verily.” It is found in the Hebrew Bible, and in both the Old and New Testament. In English, the word has two primary pronunciations: [ ah-men ] or [ ey-men ]. But, it can be expressed in endless ways, from a soft whisper to a joyous shout.


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