What are the metal things on chairs called?

4 places to find metal feet — aka “ferrules” and “sabots” — for table and chair legs.

What are the parts of a kitchen chair?

  • Top rail.
  • Cross rail.
  • Stile.
  • Ear.
  • Splat.
  • Back.
  • Seat.
  • Apron.

What are the parts of a dining chair called?

Arm: Part of the chair that offers support for your arms. Bow Top/Bow Back: Found on Windsor chairs, a bow top/bow back is a curved top rail, created by steam bending that vertical spindles fit into. A bow back is continuous down to the arms or seat. Chair Legs: Support the chair seat and add to the style.

What is a chair spindle?

A spindle, in furniture, is a cylindrically symmetric shaft, usually made of wood. A spindle is usually made of a single piece of wood and typically has decoration (also axially symmetric) fashioned by hand or with a lathe.

How do you replace a chair glide?

A spindle, in furniture, is a cylindrically symmetric shaft, usually made of wood. A spindle is usually made of a single piece of wood and typically has decoration (also axially symmetric) fashioned by hand or with a lathe.

What is the structure of a chair?

The general structure of a chair has four legs, back support and a raised surface to sit on.

What is a chair Stile?

Stile: The vertical part of the chair back. Splat: The middle of the back of the chair, which adds back support. Slip seat: The removable, upholstered chair seat.

What are the rockers on a chair called?

One feature that’s commonly found on most styles of chairs are those pieces of wood which look like rails but join the legs together. These are called the stretchers. There are front stretchers, side stretchers, and back stretchers.

What is a ferrule on a chair?

The ferrules are components of the chairs that serve as endings for the tubular legs of these seats. They can be defined as plugs, or terminations, to fit tubular legs. They serve to close the end that is left open, and they also perform different functions which are very necessary.

What is a yoke on a chair?

Yoke back: A crossbar with two S-shaped curves used as the top rail of chair backs in the Georgian period.

What materials connect broken parts of a chair?

  • PVA Glue (polyvinyl acetate glue) – this is common woodworking glue, sometimes called carpenter’s glue.
  • Hide Glue – This type of glue is used when you are doing furniture restoration.
  • Polyurethane Glue – this glue would be used if you were building or repairing outdoor furniture.

What are rivets in furniture called?

Nail heads or sometimes referred to as rivets have traditionally been used on high end upholstered furniture, and are now making their way onto accent tables, buffets and dining room tables as well.

What is the trim around a chair called?

Fringe can be found in several different lengths and is used as window treatment or pillow trim as well as on throws, around the frame of a chair, sofa or ottoman or on a lampshade.

How do you fix a leg spindle on a chair?

Splits and breaks in nonstructural rungs and spindles can be repaired with glue. Separate the broken ends of the part, and apply glue to each piece. If the part is only cracked, force glue into the crack with a glue injector. Join the pieces carefully, pressing them firmly together, and remove any excess glue.

How do you fix kitchen chair spindles?

How do you fix a broken spindle?

Apply wood glue to each hole and to the surface of the dowel. Line up the jagged edges of the spindle, push the dowel into one end and squeeze the other spindle piece on. Clamp the pieces together and wipe off any squeezed-out glue with a damp rag. Set the spindle aside to dry for 24 hours.

What are the different types of spindles?

At the very basic there are three types of spindle: top whorl, bottom whorl and supported. The whorl is the disk or ball that provides the weight to keep the spin going. All three types are hand spindles. Top and bottom whorl are both types of drop or hand spindles.

How do you replace metal chair glides?


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