What are covers for chair arms called?

An antimacassar /ˌæntɪməˈkæsər/ is a small cloth placed over the backs or arms of chairs, or the head or cushions of a sofa, to prevent soiling of the permanent fabric underneath.

How do I choose a chair slipcover?

  • Choose a Look. Slipcovers come in many looks ranging from loose and flowing to very precisely tailored ones.
  • Choose a Weave and Color. When choosing a slipcover, select a fabric that is tightly woven.
  • Choose a Texture.
  • Consider the Shape.

How do you measure for an armchair cover?

  • Measure the widest side of the chair from left to right. *Start measurement at the leg base or arms, whichever is the widest point.
  • Measure the deepest side, adjacent to the width, from the back to front of the chair.
  • Measure from the ground to the top of the chair.

What are the different types of chair covers?

  • Universal. As the name suggests, these chair covers go well with any type of chair, setting and venue.
  • Satin. Made from satin fabric, these chair covers are your pick when you want to give a glowing and shiny look to the seating arrangement.
  • Polyester.
  • Spandex.
  • Chiavari.

Why is it called antimacassar?

Antimacassars are pieces of cloth placed over the backs of chairs to protect them from grease and dirt, or simply as an ornament. The name also refers to the cloth flap ‘collar’ on a sailor’s top, which was used to keep Macassar oil off their uniforms.

How do you make slipcovers look good?

  • Put on the slipcover the right way. The seams on both sides should be placed on the same parts of the sofa.
  • Look for sofa covers with ties. Ties at the bottom remove excess fabric.
  • Look for slipcovers with elastic bands sewn directly to the slipcover fabric.

Can I make my own slipcover?

  • Put on the slipcover the right way. The seams on both sides should be placed on the same parts of the sofa.
  • Look for sofa covers with ties. Ties at the bottom remove excess fabric.
  • Look for slipcovers with elastic bands sewn directly to the slipcover fabric.

How do I find the right slipcover?

Examine the shape of the seat, arms, legs, cushions, and back of your furniture to determine the type of slipcover you will need. Most slipcovers are made to fit rounded arm and back furniture, but there are many available that will fit other shapes as well.

What type of fabric is best for slipcovers?

Canvas, cotton duck, twill blend, medium weight denim

Canvas, cotton duck, denim and twill blends are by far the most common choices for slipcovers. They are very durable and can be easily washed at home.

Can you get covers for Ikea chairs?

Dining chairs catch it all. Luckily, our chair covers are removable and washable, so you’ll never need to stress over the occasional messy meal.

Are slip covers out of style?

Classic / Traditional: Even with the many different styles of slipcovered furniture, it always remains classic, timeless and never trendy. Slipcovered furniture can also be traditional but in a way that is not dated and old world as traditional can many times be.

How many Metres of fabric do I need to cover an armchair?

Depending on the size of chair, approximately 6-7m is recommended. If your wingback chair has a skirt, then you may need more fabric.

Do chair covers fit all chairs?

Chair Cover Size & Measurements

Although the chair covers might look similar, unless it’s a universal pillowcase chair cover, the chair covers won’t fit every type of chair.

How do you measure a cover size?

  • Remove the pillow cover from the insert / filler.
  • Turn the cover inside out and lay on a flat surface.
  • Measure from inside seam to inside seam (length + width) with flexible tape measure for a pillow cover size.

What is the best fabric to reupholster a chair?

Cotton. Cotton is the most commonly used type of upholstery fabric and, therefore, the most popular. As a natural fabric, cotton has a lot going for it. It’s breathable, wears well, and offers exceptional durability and resistance to fading.

What is the toughest seat cover material?

Cordura is the toughest material available for seat covers.

What are chair head covers called?

antimacassar, protective covering thrown over the back of a chair or the head or cushions of a sofa, named after Macassar, a hair-oil in general use in the 19th century.

What is a Sebastian chair?

Sebastian chair. A contemporary furniture handmade in Sweden from strong recycled stainless steel to achieve a high quality furniture.


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